Chara’s Promise

Earth’s climate is a mess, the United States has been torn apart by a second bloody civil war and the world economy is in the toilet.  Welcome to Seth Kelly’s world.

Becca was Seth’s first and only love.  When she died, he survived by burying himself in building Chara’s Promise, Earth’s first starship built to carry colonists.  Just before her launch, Seth’s world was rocked again by a worldwide synchronized terrorist attack.

In the aftermath, Seth had to choose whether to stay on Earth, close to his two grown children and the memories of his wife, or help a brilliant, but egocentric, Australian captain pilot a starship full of colonists to a new home.

It’s too bad he didn’t have a crystal ball handy.  It might have been nice to know that the terrorist attacks were just beginning, a sapient computer with an attitude was waiting to meet him, and that twenty-seven light year trip was destined to be much more interesting than anyone had expected.

Why does life have to be so complicated?

New cover 4A

Available at Amazon in the US, UK, AU, BR, CA, DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, JP and MX.

Available at Barnes & Noble in the US and UK.

One response to “Chara’s Promise

  1. Beverly LeCount

    Very good book. Interesting from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this book.

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