A New Author Debuts

A couple of weeks ago I alluded in a post that each of my grandchildren were going to be famous someday and that one would win a Nobel Prize, one would win a Pulitzer Prize, and one would be the first to travel faster than light.  It’s not a done deal yet, but my oldest granddaughter, Laken, is in the lead for the Pulitzer.  Click the link below for a multimedia version of her non-fiction book.  It’s a brilliant effort.  She may be one of those rare authors who win international acclaim for their first book!

Laken’s first book – “Baby Animals and Mommy Animals.”

Laken Gagliardi - published author

Laken Gagliardi – published author

That’s the jacket cover photo.  Here are a few more candid photos so you can get to know the author better.

Here’s one of her doing the research for the book.

Accurate research is important

Accurate research is important

Here’s one of her trying to slip out of the house incognito.



And here’s one of Laken and her publisher (otherwise known as Mommy)

A good editor is like gold.

A good publisher is like gold.

This may be my last post.  I’m thinking of letting Laken take over the blog.

See ya


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7 responses to “A New Author Debuts

  1. V

    Informative and adorable. 😀 My favourite part was the dogs’ slobbery kisses.

  2. It must run in the family 🙂

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